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We like to supply the blight resistant buxus that is not always available.  Buxus microphylla 'Faulkner' does tend to colour up in the autumn if it's hungry, so regular feeding is essential to keep these box spheres a good green.  We have learned not to feed after the end of August, as new growth after that is too soft and will get frosted once the colder weather commences.

Clipping would need to be carried out in March/April,  May/June, and again July/August to keep them in their tight shapes.  If you are planning to let them grow into a 'cloud' planting, then clipping until they reach your desired size and height is still essential and then light clipping when they have formed the shapes you want. 

Of course you do not need to use box balls to make your cloud planting a success.  We have some nice bushy buxus that would do the same job at a lower cost initially.

Buxus mic. 'Faulkner'  sphere 25cm+ dia. 5LBuxus mic. 'Faulkner' sphere 25cm+ dia. 5L
Buxus micro. 'Faulkner'    Sphere 35cm dia.  32cmpotBuxus micro. 'Faulkner' Sphere 35cm dia. 32cmpot
Buxus micro. 'Faulkner'  3L   Sphere 20/22cm dia.Buxus micro. 'Faulkner' 3L Sphere 20/22cm dia.
Buxus micro. 'Faulkner' Cone (pyramid) 70/80cm H
Buxus micro. 'Faulkner'  Sphere 30cm dia.  30cmpotBuxus micro. 'Faulkner' Sphere 30cm dia. 30cmpot

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