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Box & Yew are not the only evergreen hedging materials - as you will see from the following - Most of the items listed below are very hardy, but where they are not, we will indicate hardiness by the plant name. Most of these plants are good in seaside locations where there is no frost and some are particularly good for this purpose. Off shore winds can be quite strong and as long as the winter is not a devastating one, any of these plants can be used for shelter belts. Where there is room, a deciduous shelter belt can be planted on the outside boundary, thus giving a two-pronged attack against damaging winds.
Buxus sempervirens 30-40cm 3L
Buxus sempervirens 60-80cm 7.5LBuxus sempervirens 60-80cm 7.5L
Cotoneaster franchetti 7.5L 100-120cmH very hardy
Eleagnus ebbingei moderately hardy
Eleagnus ebbingei 'Limelight' moderately hardy
Griselinia littoralis for seaside areas or sheltered spots.
Ilex crenata   6 packIlex crenata 6 pack
Prunus laurocerrasus (common laurel)10L 3-4ft v. hardy 25L
Prunus lusitanica 20L 100-120cmH very hardy
Taxus baccata 2LD 30-45cm hedging
Taxus baccata (English yew) 5L 60cm-80cm

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