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Fagus sylvatica (green beech) 1+2 60-80cm bare rooted whips.

Although this is a deciduous hedging plant (leaves fall during autumn) hedging plant, it does hold onto a high proportion of its leaves until the young shoots push off the old ones in early spring (Feb/March) when the winds are also blowing quite hard and will dislodge the brown leaves.  It does, however, give some privacy during the winter months and is a good roadside hedge.  A formal hedge requires clipping once a year.  An informal hedge can just be tidied as and when it is required and gives an almost maintenance free hedge (although it will continue to grow into tree proportions if left alone)

Single row hedge:  requires beech plants to be planted at 12" (30cm) centres.

Double row hedge: planting distance 18"(45cm)  apart in the row, and rows 24"(60cm) apart, staggering the plants with the first row.

Beech requires free draining soil, but also requires regular watering in the first couple of seasons until it gets well established.  Watering every other day should suffice during hot dry conditions (and these can be at any time of the year - even in dry winter months).  Watering should be monitored carefully during drought conditions.

Losses can be expected of around 10% when planting a long hedge of bare rooted plants, and it is always a good idea to have a few spare plants dug into another part of the garden so that infil plants can be taken from the other area if needed. 

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